“don’t worry, it’s all Good”

In the asphalt valleys
where the billboards war

and the desert draws kisses
down through the floor

the glitterwhores call
Golden and lush

from their bonfire ballrooms
in their amphetamine rush

taste us
fuck us
love us
waste us

yeah, everyone knows the disposable tribes run the best sunshine cults

if you trade them some blood
they’ll teach you how to run neon through your veins
and dream yourself God

“you gotta suck the marrow from life”
forget that bones are your own

“you got the balls to waltz down the knife?”
stumble, and you dance alone

“yeah, we dig your innocence
and we wanna fuck your dreams”

they love your luminescence when you scream

but if it’s all Good
then it’s all OK
and if it’s all OK
then let them play
with your mind body heart
don’t worry if it tangles tears breaks
they say you play with theirs
you mindfuck their brainrape
Love Ya Babe
that’s the Honest truth
even if everything’s splintered
and hell,
if you can love through this you gotta be christ
and then you’d have to be all Good, right?

curious liquids seep from the eyes and mouth
swept to dry shadow by the smog

you’ll be all Good
you’ll be all God

you better check yourself before you wreck yourself”

& forget me knot &
every soul on a fishook
every heart on the line
or a pill
or a kill
or a flickering sign

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