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Mission Statement

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I'm starting this thread to begin the crafting of a mission statement - a clear, concise direction that all of our efforts will be built towards.

For me personally, this mission statement is to heal the world and to bring it back into sustainable balance.

While that may seem ambitious, for the first time in my life, I see it possible. While I believe we will start with Ananda, what we build here will be essential to the survival of our future generations.

Whether we succeed or not doesn't matter. This is the only fight worth fighting for our people. There is no survival for our species without the Earth, and children who abandon their Mother rarely prosper... nor should they.

And we are not just human. We are the plants that pull water up from the earth, and warmth down from the sun. We are the animals that cavort and fly and love and live, the spirits that spin tales through the sky, the very force of life itself. We are not just the humans... because to be human without the wild is to be less than beast... but all of us.

Every single one of us knows this in our hearts to be true. We can feel in the land, in the missing bees, in the scarce and often silent birdsong.

It doesn't matter what faith you come from, what you've done, whether you be criminal or lawman - if you fight this fight, you're on the right side. If you can work in harmony towards this goal, we want you helping us.

If you believe our Mother can be saved, this is the place for you.



At least that's how I feel about it - please - all thoughts, feelings, critiques welcome.