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Solar Capacity of Lauralwood

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I did a quick sizing of the rooftop photovoltaic capacity of the Lauralwood property. With covered parking it could hold 1975 - 350 watt panels or 691.25kw per hour of power production. I don't have a calculator designed for Oregon but in Utah that would mitigate around $13,500 per month in electrical costs

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Holy eff! That's a ton of savings, and one helluva a kickass spreadsheet - excellent breakdown. We'd definitely want to bank on a storage solution as well - what do you recommend in terms of high storage battery options?

Let's assume that we'll have less than the solar capacity of Utah in Oregon due to rain and cloud cover, but we're also not limited by the roof tops. Most of the hillsides are west facing, which means they're getting the bulk of the afternoon sun.

I'm thinking a simple mount above the beehives in the wildflower meadow next to the orchard. The panels serve as a roof and keep the hives dry, but built properly with an eye towards their shade imprint, won't limit the sun exposure for the wildflowers.

We could use a similar layout for our greenhouses - roof solar, walls glass.

Love your sheet - playing with the numbers now.