The Beginning of the Botten

As a child, goblins fascinated me. I imagined them deep beneath a valley filled with oak and pine, populating a vast underground city. The city stood on the edge of a subterranean lake, glimmering green, lit by a ceiling of luminescent fungi. Their city was Smogbotten, a place of smoke, shadow, and music. There are tales to be told, I’m sure – maybe they’ll make their way here.

The reason Smogbotten is important, is because, awhile back, during a time when I decided to make some music, I found out that the word was unknown to Google, and I always envisioned the great cavern of Smogbotten as having the most marvelous acoustics, so it became the name of my band.

Now, it’s become more – a nexus of various sounds, aspirations, stories, images. A long time ago, I wrote about a passion engine – an element of imaginary machinery built to fuel  the mind through a journey of creativity. This is she.